web-support As always, we are happy to offer free support for our customers.

Just give us a call at 207-200-4126 or email


We don’t have complex phone tree’s or complicated support ticket tracking systems, just people helping people.

Here are a few do it yourself answers to frequently asked questions.

How do I access my email via the web?

A  Go to your website address in any browser and then add ‘ /webmail ‘ at the end of the url at the topy of the screen.

For example: http://www.greenlightwebsites.com/webmail

Note: You may need to click OK or Continue thru any security warnings. Then type in your email address and email password to get to the control panel. From there you can choose from 3 different email browsers – the most commonly used is “roundcube”.

How do I setup an away message while I am on vacation?

A Continue thru any security warnings, enter your email address and email password, click the ‘auto responders’ icon, click ‘Add Auto Responder’. On the Autoresponder form, change the [Interval] to 1 // type %from% in [from] box // type “AUTO-RESPONSE %subject%” in the [subject] box // type in the body of the message (for example: “this is an automated message, I will be away from xx to xx. Please contact xx in my absence..”) // click the CUSTOM button for the start and stop dates/times and select the start and end days/times, click the CREATE/MODIFY button. That’s it!

How do I change my email password?

A  Go to http://www.greenlightwebsites.com/webmail , click OK or Continue thru any security warnings, enter your email address and email password, click the ‘change password’ icon and type in your new password. Note that you will need to update any mobile devices with your new password as well.

Where do I go to see my visitors stats reports?

A Login to your control panel at https://www.greenlightwebsites.com:2083 then click on WEBALIZER in the LOGS area of the screen. Alternately, you can choose AWStats to view your stats in the same area.

How do I setup my mobile device to accept email?

A  Device settings vary greatly, give us a call or email us with your device type and we will walk you through it.

How do I edit my site?

A  It depends on what program we built your site with. Contact us for specific instructions.