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AI and Web Design

One of the #1 struggles we have building a website is getting the text content from our customers.  With AI, Greenlight Websites now offers a game-changing solution to create professional and polished text effortlessly. It’s crazy how easily it can generate a paragraph of text or simply ‘pretty up’ the text we receive.  Say goodbye to the headaches of writing! With a few key words and some starter text, our cutting-edge technology analyzes your content, ensuring it is error-free, engaging, and seamlessly tailored to your audience. Of course we review and tweak all text as needed.  We don’t trust AI THAT much yet.

Experience the magic of AI today with Greenlight Websites.

Sounds like fun! Can I try?

Want to experience AI for yourself, check out there allow for 10 inquiries a month for free.    Keep in mind that the more detailed you are in your ‘ask’, the better the results will be.

For example:  “Write me 2 sentences about web design” yeilded these boring results:

“Web design involves creating the visual aesthetics and usability of a website, which includes aspects like layout, color scheme, graphics, and content placement. It requires a good understanding of graphic design, user experience principles, and often knowledge of coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.”

Whereas, a prompt of: “Write me 2 sentences of text about how Greenlight Websites delivers effective beautiful web design results you will love. Make it funny.” Yeilded these much better results:

“Sure! Greenlight Websites doesn’t just design websites, they craft digital masterpieces that even Picasso would double-tap on Instagram. They sprinkle their coding magic and voila, your website is not just a sight for sore eyes, but a love story between beauty and functionality that even Shakespeare couldn’t write!”

You can continue to add prompts to refine the statement.
For example:  Make it longer, make it more professional, add a key words of reliable hosting to the text.  

The sky is the limit!  

A word of caution…..
If you are asking for information you are not already familiar with, you need to double check any facts.   Just becuase it spit those words out doesn’t mean they are true or accurate.